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Nubia Red Magic 8 Pro Review – The Best Gaming Phone Yet?

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Nubia’s Red Magic 8 Pro gaming smartphone line promises to provide the best Android gaming experience available. The latest addition, the Red Magic 8 Pro, brings upgrades across the board. But does it have what it takes to be crowned the ultimate gaming phone? Let’s dive in and find out!

Introduction: the Red Magic 8 Pro.

The Red Magic 8 Pro comes with improvements over it’s predecessor in key aspects: display quality, battery life, charging speeds, performance, and cameras. It also touts enhanced cooling capabilities to prevent thermal throttling, along with new connectivity options for big-screen gaming.

But gaming focused phones are a niche segment, dominated by the likes of Asus ROG and Xiaomi’s Black Shark brands. Does the Red Magic 8 Pro have enough firepower to beat the competition? I evaluate all its capabilities in this comprehensive review.


Excellent display with a high refresh rate

Top-tier hardware performance

Effective cooling technology

Practical gaming-centric features

Long battery life + fast charging

crispy Stereo speakers

Wired connectivity features


No formal IP rating

Mediocre camera performance

Software needs UI improvements

Limited regional availability

Design and Build Quality

  • Rectangle shape with matte glass back feels premium
  • A sturdy aluminum frame and flat edges improve grip
  • IP rating still missing unlike rival gaming phones
  • Solid and durable build quality overall
Red Magic 8 Pro Design

There’s also a Red Magic 8 Pro Plus variant with a transparent design, faster charging, and more RAM storage, but it is limited to certain regions only.

Lighting Elements

  • A programmable RGB light strip on the back can pulse to music
  • Fan lighting is only in the Plus model the standard version has none

So, the Red Magic 8 Pro ticks most boxes when it comes to design and construction but lags behind some competitors in certain aspects.

Display: Smooth and Responsive

  • 6.8 inch AMOLED, Full HD+ resolution
  • 120Hz high refresh rate, 240Hz touch sampling
  • Good color reproduction, 800+ nits peak brightness
  • Under display 16MP selfie camera is barely visible

The display supports HFR gaming, but frame rates were capped at 60 frames per second in most titles. The fault lies more with Android game developers than with Nubia here.

Red Magic 8 Pro Display

Scrolling and transitions are smooth thanks to the high refresh rate panel. It also helps reduce lag and improve aiming precision in games.

Shoulder Triggers and Buttons

  • Capacitive triggers with minimal latency
  • Easy to map in games like shooters and racers
  • Provide tangible benefits for gaming control
  • No advanced gestures, only simple presses

The triggers truly enhance the gaming experience by serving as additional input mechanisms in competitive titles. They demonstrate how gaming phones differentiate through hardware-based features.

Hardware and Performance

  • New Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset
  • UFS 4.0 storage and LPDDR5X RAM
  • Highest AnTuTu score among Android phones
  • Sustained peak performance via cooling systems

In fact the Red Magic 8 Pro matches and even beats other Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 phones in benchmarks. This can be attributed to Nubia’s thermal solutions and software optimization.

Red Magic 8 Pro Performance

As a result, the phone delivers excellent real-world performance with smooth UI navigation and high frame rates in games. The hardware upgrade is definitely noticeable compared to the prior generation.

Software: Gamer Centric Touches

Redmagic OS based on Android 13 offers a heavily customized interface. But the distinguishing factors are the wealth of gaming tools and utilities:

  • Dedicated Red Magic gaming mode
  • Adjustable performance profiles
  • Touch, display and audio tuning options
  • In-game system monitoring tools
  • Controls customization and macro mapping
  • Gaming shortcuts and accessibility features

For mobile gaming enthusiasts, these granular controls and enhancements are a boon. However, the interface could be better organized and lacks English translations in some areas.

Audio: Loud and Clear

  • Stereo speakers with an earpiece
  • Standard 3.5mm headphone jack
  • DTS:X Ultra for 3D surround effect
  • Minor distortion only at max volume

So, the Red Magic 8 Pro delivers an excellent audio experience, which augments gaming and multimedia consumption. The speakers are loud and clear, and they have some bass punch to them as well.

Cooling: No Thermal Throttling

  • Large vapor chamber liquid cooling
  • High RPM built-in fan with air vents
  • Graphene sheet under display
  • Sustained peak performance in games
  • Minimal throttling even in stress tests

The upgraded cooling systems prevent CPU/GPU frequency drops even during marathon gaming sessions. This gives the Red Magic 8 Pro an edge when running graphic-intensive titles.

The built-in fan gets quite loud but provides a superior active cooling solution compared to passive heat dissipation. You can manually control the fan speed or set performance profiles as needed.

Battery and Charging

  • 6,000 mAh battery
  • Included a 65W fast charger
  • 50% charge in just 16 minutes
  • Full charge from 0-100% in 46 minutes

Battery life is simply exceptional, among the best I’ve seen on flagship phones. The Red Magic 8 Pro can handle over 5 hours of intensive 3D gaming per charge.

And the 65W charging means you barely spend any time tethered to the charger. It brings back memories of the era when phone batteries were removable!

Cameras Capability

  • 50MP main camera
  • 8MP ultrawide angle
  • 2MP macro sensor

The camera specifications are par for the course among the 2023 Android flagships. But does the real-world performance match up? Let’s analyze the camera’s output.

Photo Quality

Rear Cameras

  • Daylight: Vivid and detailed main camera photos
  • Ultrawide: Below average with soft colors
  • Macro: Decent 2MP shots but lack detail

Low-Light Photography

  • Main cam: Passable but lots of noise
  • Night mode: Oversharpened output
  • Ultrawide: Poor low light performance

Front Camera

  • 16MP under display selfie camera
  • Improved over predecessor but still subpar
  • Excessive skin smoothing and noise

Clearly, the rear main camera can take good, well-lit shots. But the other lenses struggle, highlighting that camera performance is not a strong suit of the Red Magic 8 Pro.

The under-display selfie shooter is also just average – suitable only for social media use. For mobile photography enthusiasts, there are better smartphone options.

Video Recording

  • 8K 30fps/4K 60fps on main cam
  • Ultrawide camera cannot capture video
  • Excellent stabilization in 4K footage
  • But no advanced video features

So the main camera can record crisp 4K videos with very effective stabilization. But the lack of ultrawide video support is disappointing.

For vloggers and mobile journalists, the average camera systems of the Red Magic 8 Pro pose some limitations.

Connectivity and Audio

  • Multi-channel WiFi 7 and 5G connectivity
  • USB 3.2 for wired peripherals
  • 3.5mm headphone jack retained
  • Advanced haptics and stereo speakers

Gaming phones stand out for their wired connectivity chops. The Red Magic 8 Pro carries this legacy forward by offering:

  • HDMI output to external monitors
  • USB input for controllers and keyboards
  • Wireless screen casting to PC

These allow you to enjoy an immersive big-screen gaming experience powered by the Red Magic 8 Pro.

Verdict: Worth buying in 2023?


The Red Magic 8 Pro nails the basics expected from a top-tier Android gaming phone in 2023.

Given that the software and hardware are specifically designed for this use case, it has very few shortcomings when it comes to gaming performance. It fires on all cylinders, from the fluid display to customizable triggers to thermal management.

The cameras are indeed disappointing, but they do serve the target demographic well. For mobile gamers wanting the best specifications and features, the Red Magic 8 Pro is easy to recommend.

It matches other gaming brands in most aspects while outperforming them in others, such as battery life, and withstands their competition admirably. So if you prioritize gaming prowess above all else, the Red Magic 8 Pro won’t disappoint you in 2023.


Does it support wireless charging or reverse wireless charging?

No. The Red Magic 8 Pro relies solely on the included 65W wired fast charger.

What colors and RAM/storage variants are available?

It comes in Obsidian (Black) and Mercury (White) colors. As for memory configurations, both 12GB RAM with 256GB ROM and 16GB RAM with 512GB ROM variants should be offered.

Can I connect a keyboard and mouse for mobile gaming?

Yes, the Red Magic 8 Pro has a USB input port that allows you to connect wired gaming peripherals like keyboards and mice. You can then map their controls using the built-in software tools.

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