You are currently viewing The Xiaomi 13t Pro: A Marvel of Design and Performance

The Xiaomi 13t Pro: A Marvel of Design and Performance

The Xiaomi 13t Pro: A Marvel of Design and Performance:

The Xiaomi 13T Pro is a really cool phone that’s way cheaper than the fancy Xiaomi 13 flagships. But don’t worry, it still has some awesome tech features Inside the 13T Pro, there’s a powerful Dimensity 9200 Plus processor that can handle any game you throw at it. And the battery charges super fast at 120 watts! The screen is also really nice with a smooth 144Hz AMOLED display.

And it has some fancy Leica optics too! I’m really excited to try out this phone and test its gaming performance, battery life, and overall speed. If you want to stay updated on the latest and greatest tech. So, what do you think about the Xiaomi 13T Pro? Let’s move on.

What is inside the box?

We’ve got something super cool to talk about today. It’s called the Xiaomi 13t Pro, and it’s like a box full of surprises. But wait, there’s more! This phone comes with a super powerful charger that’s like a beast with 120 watts of power. And guess what? It even comes with an exciting type-c USB cable. But that’s not all! Xiaomi also included a special case to keep your 13t Pro safe and sound. Isn’t that awesome? Oh, and don’t forget the quick start guide that comes with it. Now, let’s dive into the phone itself. Get ready to be amazed, my lovelies!

Design of Xiaomi 13T Pro

Xiaomi 13T Pro Look

The Xiaomi 13T Pro is a super cool phone that’s almost 6.7 inches big! It looks just like other Xiaomi phones, but it’s really stylish. You can choose from three different colors, like this awesome Alpine blue one with a soft vegan leather finish. It feels great in your hand and won’t slip out, even if your palms are sweaty. If you don’t like the leather, you can get it in black or metal green with a glass back instead. The camera sticks out a bit, so the phone won’t lie flat on a desk and wobbles a bit when you touch it. The screen is huge and fills up the whole front of the phone. It’s not curved, but it’s protected by strong Gorilla Glass 5, which is scratch-resistant. The Xiaomi 13T Pro is also water and dust-resistant, so you can use it in the bath without worries. Overall, I really like the design of the Xiaomi 13T Pro, even though the frame is made of plastic. It’s a pretty cool phone!

MiUI and features:

Xiaomi phones used to have some issues with their software, but they’ve made improvements. The latest model, the 13t pro, comes with MIUI 14 on top of Android 13. The good news is that Xiaomi promises four Android updates and five years of security updates, so you’ll be covered until Android 17 and beyond. However, there are still some problems with MIUI. There are a lot of unnecessary apps that come pre-installed, like WPS Office, Spotify, and Tick Tock. Unfortunately, you can’t easily remove them without some extra help. On the bright side, MIUI works well with Android, so you can use your favorite apps and features like Google Discover feeds. There’s also a cool control center that you can access by swiping down from the right side of the screen. It’s similar to what you find on iPhones, but it’s pretty useful for quickly accessing settings and smart home features. You can even customize your MIUI experience to make it just the way you like it. The security features are decent too, with an in-display fingerprint sensor that lets you unlock your phone with a quick tap. You can even use it to check your heart rate, although mine is probably high right now because I’m excited about the Xiaomi 13t Pro.

So, like, there’s this cool thing called the Double Espresso at 69 BPM. It’s like a super fast heart rate or something. And guess what? It’s also a backup for when your hands are dirty or sweaty. But, like, the Xiaomi 13t Pro says it’s not as safe as the fingerprint sensor. Oh, and by the way, Xiaomi is totally killing it when it comes to storage space.

Display and audio

So, when it comes to storage, you’ve got three options: 256 gigs, 512 gigs, or a whole terabyte. Right now, I’ve only used a small part of it, so there’s plenty of space left. Unfortunately, you can’t add more storage with a micro SD card, but you can use the SIM slot for two physical Sims. Oh, and the Xiaomi 13T Pro also supports eSim. Now, let’s talk about the cool stuff! The screen on this phone is huge, measuring 6.67 inches. It’s an AMOLED display, which means the images look super clear and sharp. The resolution is 2712 by 1220 pixels, so you can see all the details. It’s got HDR 10 plus and Dolby Vision streaming support, which makes the colors and contrast really stand out. The screen is also really bright, reaching up to 1200 nits, and even 2600 nits in super sunny places. And don’t worry about the selfie cam, it’s tiny and hardly noticeable. Overall, this phone is a treat for your eyes! I can only imagine how awesome it is to have a computer screen with no annoying glares and a super fast refresh rate of 144 Hertz. Even though I’m not sure if it’s the best technology out there, I don’t think it drops below 60 Hertz, which is still pretty good. Xiaomi also added stereo speakers to the Xiaomi 13t Pro, so let’s turn up the volume and see if they sound good. The weather has cooled down, so I’m not sweating as much anymore, which is great. Overall, things are looking up! The speakers on max volume sound pretty decent, even though they’re quite loud. The AP speaker does a good job keeping up with the bottom-mounted speaker. You can also play around with the sound settings, like Dolby Atmos and equalizers, to customize the audio output. Unfortunately, there’s no headphone jack on the Xiaomi 13t pro, but it does support Bluetooth 5.4, which is pretty cool. It’s definitely ready for the future!

Performance and gaming:

Xiaomi 13T Pro

Check out the performance of the Xiaomi 13t pro! It’s powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200 Plus and has a generous 12 or 16 gigs of RAM. The one I tested had the best 12 gigs of RAM. If you’re into benchmarking, here are some Geekbench scores for you. But let me tell you, the everyday performance on this phone is super smooth. Apps load instantly and the graphics are great with the fresh immortalist g715 mc16 GPU. I played gention impact on the highest detail settings and didn’t notice any lag. The display is flat and responsive, perfect for gaming. Plus, the xiaomi 13T Pro has a cooling system with a vapor chamber to keep it from overheating. Although, I did notice it getting warm after playing for a while. I didn’t really notice any slowing down of the performance, and my fingers didn’t get sweaty either. With the user interface (UI) on this phone, there’s a cool gaming mode that you can easily access whenever you want. It even has a feature that boosts the performance and shows you how well the frame rate is holding up. Look at this game called “Genshin Impact” running smoothly at the highest graphics settings and 60 frames per second (FPS). You can also clear up some memory and free up storage space if you need to. Oh, and there’s a handy “do not disturb” feature too, so you won’t be bothered while you’re busy playing your favorite game. You can even set a timer to remind yourself to take a break from gaming. And guess what? There’s this really weird voice-changing feature too. It’s like you can sound like someone who has been in a serious accident. But don’t worry, this kind of feature is not usually found on Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi 13T Pro Battery life

The battery life on the 13t pro is not great, just like other phones in its category. However, I’ve noticed that I haven’t run out of battery in a single day. It has a 5,000 milliamp hour capacity, which means it can last for hours even if you use the camera a lot or play games. It should easily make it through a full 24 hours without any problems. And if you do run low on battery, you can use the 120 watt super fast hyper charge to quickly charge it up in about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, this phone doesn’t support wireless charging, which is a bummer because many other phones do. Now, let’s take a look at the camera technology, which is branded by Leica.


Xiaomi 13T Pro Camera

The main camera on this phone is really cool! It has a 50-megapixel sensor and can take really clear pictures. It also has something called Optical Image Stabilization, which helps make your photos less blurry. I really like the camera app that comes with this phone. They made it really easy to use by hiding a lot of the buttons and settings that might confuse you. You can easily access most of them by swiping down on the screen. This makes it really easy to use with just one hand. There are a bunch of fun things you can do with the camera app too. You can turn on grid lines to help you line up your shots, or use the AI camera motion track to focus on moving objects. You can even change the style of your photos. You can make the colors really bright and vibrant, or go for a more natural look. And the best part is, you can quickly switch between the different camera lenses on the phone. There’s one that can take wide-angle shots, one for regular shots, and one for zooming in. Plus, there are lots of extra camera features that you can unlock and use.

This phone has a bunch of cool features, like portrait modes and night mode. It even has a special mode called Pro mode where you can mess around with the settings and make the pictures look exactly how you want. You can also shoot in raw format if you want to edit the photos later. I tested the phone’s camera in different settings and found that the vibrant option makes the colors pop a bit more, but it still looks natural. The phone also handles high-contrast scenes really well, keeping the colors balanced without making everything too bright. However, in darker areas or softer lighting, the phone doesn’t look as good as the really expensive phones. The clarity of the pictures isn’t as sharp.

The camera isn’t super fast, so when you move, the pictures might look blurry. But at night, there’s a special mode that makes things clearer and reduces bright lights. It’s pretty quick compared to other cameras. The camera also has a wide-angle lens that takes consistent pictures with natural colors. If you want more vibrant colors, it might not look as good in low light. The wide-angle lens doesn’t work well when there’s movement, so your pictures might not look great. There’s also a telephoto lens that’s great for close-up and portrait shots. It works well up to five times zoom, but after that, the pictures might look grainy and weird. Even though the camera doesn’t have optical image stabilization, the pictures on the screen don’t shake too much when you’re taking a picture. The digital stabilization does a good job. If you want to shoot videos, it can shoot in full HD by default, but you can also boost it to 4K or even 8K. However, if you want to have more frames per second, you need to lower the resolution to at least 4K. You can also zoom in and out smoothly while recording videos.

The camera on this phone is pretty cool. When you zoom in, the picture might not be super clear if you go more than five times. But it’s still pretty steady when you’re shooting videos in 4K. Just be careful when you walk because there might be a little shake. The camera also works well at night, as long as you’re not too drunk and moving around like crazy. The sound comes out clear too. The front camera is great for selfies, with a 20-megapixel shooter. It works well in different lighting conditions, even against a blue sky. The portrait mode is nice too, although sometimes the flash makes things look a bit too smooth. The selfie videos are in full HD, not 4K, but they still look pretty good, especially with HDR. The audio is no problem at all.

So, here’s the deal: I recently got my hands on the Xiaomi 13t pro and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. After using it as my main phone for a few days, I have to say it’s pretty good. It may not be the most unique or special phone out there, but it definitely checks all the boxes for a top-notch phone. And the best part? It’s way cheaper than the Galaxy s23 Ultra! I’m not sure about the exact price yet, but it’s definitely giving tough competition to phones like the OnePlus 11. So, what do you think? Are you tempted to get the 13t pro or do you think it’s not quite what you’re looking for? Let me know in the comments below!

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