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The Best Smartphones for Low Light Photography in 2024

Over the past few years, capturing stunning photos in low light conditions has become an obsession for smartphone makers. With rapid advancements in camera technology, smartphones are now highly capable low light shooters.

In 2024, we have some of the most advanced smartphone cameras ever produced that can truly transform dark scenes into artistic masterpieces. From intricate cityscapes bathed in neon lights to serene natural vistas illuminated only by the stars and moon, today’s smartphones allow anyone to unlock the creative potential of night time photography.

5 Best Smartphones for Low Light Photography in 2024

In this blog post, we dive into the top 5 smartphones of 2024 that deliver exceptional low light photography.

1. Xiaomi 12 Pro

The Xiaomi 12 Pro stands at the pinnacle when it comes to low light photography in 2024. Equipped with cutting-edge camera hardware and Xiaomi’s stellar computational photography, this phone consistently produces jaw-dropping night time shots.

Key Low Light Features:

  • A large 1-inch image sensor with 2.44μm pixels captures abundant light
  • Optical image stabilization ensures sharp shots when handheld
  • Up to 8K video recording makes videos incredibly detailed
  • “Night Mode” automatically enhances low light photos
  • Professional “Manual” mode offers granular control over camera settings

No matter how dark the scene, the Xiaomi 12 Pro reveals details you’d never expect from a smartphone. The intelligent noise reduction preserves clarity while retaining a pleasing texture and mood.

For those who desire even more creative freedom, the Manual mode allows you to fine-tune ISO, shutter speed, white balance and more. This makes long exposure light painting and tripod-mounted night photography achievable.

The Xiaomi 12 Pro features a gorgeous nearly bezel-less display, premium build quality, and all-day battery life – everything you need in a sophisticated photographic companion.

Xiaomi 12 Pro

For both novice and professional photographers seeking to push the boundaries of mobile photography into thrilling new territory, the Xiaomi 12 Pro delivers spectacular low light capabilities.

2. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra represents the pinnacle of Samsung’s smartphone engineering with its pro-grade quad camera array and bleeding-edge night mode capabilities.

Key Low Light Features:

  • Massive 200MP main camera for astonishing details
  • Multi-frame processing for noiseless night shots
  • 10x optical “periscope” telephoto lens
  • AI “Super Night Mode” enhancement
  • 40MP selfie camera also excels in dim lighting

Samsung pulls out all stops with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, achieving unprecedented zoom range for a smartphone and the ability to capture sweeping vistas or close-ups even in near pitch darkness.

The dedicated Night Mode activates automatically when needed, fusing multiple exposures to create a dynamic low noise composite image with lifelike colors and crisp details throughout. But those seeking more creative possibilities can use Pro mode with full manual overrides and even capture photos in RAW format.

Stabilization keeps photos tack sharp through the 100x “Space Zoom”, allowing you to create moonlit scenes that look otherworldly. And that same cutting-edge camera tech applies to the front for dimly lit selfies that far exceed what you’d expect.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

For serious photographers not willing to compromise, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra takes smartphone optics into uncharted territory – easily capturing breathtaking low light magic.

3. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple takes smartphone photography to new heights with the iPhone 14 Pro Max and its radically redesigned pro camera system optimized specifically for low light capture.

Key Low Light Features:

  • Photonic Engine computational enhancement specifically for low light
  • Up to 2.2x larger sensor size than iPhone 13 for massively increased light intake
  • Faster f/1.78 aperture on the main lens gathers over 2x more light
  • Action mode stabilization enables handheld light painting
  • New interface highlights optimal night mode usage tips

The iPhone 14 Pro Max introduces Apple’s new Photonic Engine which uses machine learning to magnify color, highlight detail, and expand dynamic range specifically for low light shots. From ethereal nightscapes to atmospheric portraits, it achieves incredible results automatically.

And thanks to sensor and aperture upgrades working in unison with software magic, the iPhone 14 Pro Max pulls in enough light to make tripods optional – opening creative options like handheld light art. The Action mode ensures stabilization even during extended exposures.

For those seeking full creative freedom, the iPhone 14 Pro Max shoots Apple ProRAW images natively – unlocking professional-grade adjustments in editing for total control over the look and feel of your artistic night photos.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max represents Apple’s biggest advancement in low-light phone photography – easily capturing magical photos and videos where older iPhones would see darkness.

4. Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google dominates the realm of computational photography, and its prowess is on full display with the Pixel 7 Pro which routinely captures brilliant nighttime photos that defy belief.

Key Low Light Features:

  • Google’s best-in-class Super Res Zoom technology for detailed night shots
  • Night Sight mode produces clean images in near darkness
  • Astrophotography mode for stunning starry skies
  • Motion detecting Timelapse creation
  • Extremely intuitive user interface

The Pixel 7 Pro fully unleashes the power of Google’s AI-enhanced software magic to heighten textures, reduce noise, restore shadows – making dimly lit scenes spring to life. From star trails arcing over mountains to neon city lights reflected on rain soaked streets, the Pixel 7 Pro reveals vivid details you’d miss with the naked eye.

And thanks to enjoyable camera modes specialized for astrophotography and timelapse, capturing spellbinding low light footage is delightful. Shooting breathtaking content requiring expensive DSLRs can now happen automatically with your smartphone.

Google Pixel 7 Pro

For photographers seeking sheer simplicity without sacrificing creativity, the Pixel 7 Pro makes awe-inspiring low light photography easily achievable for all.

5. OnePlus 11

OnePlus pulls out all the stops for low light photography excellence with its new OnePlus 11 flagship. Purpose-built to capture artistic nighttime photos automatically while retaining loads of advanced controls.

Key Low Light Features:

  • Ultra-sensitive main Sony image sensor
  • Dedicated Nightscape 3.0 mode for extraordinary low light shots
  • Pro mode with ISO 51200, ultra-long exposures up to 60s
  • AI-powered scene recognition and enhancement
  • Stunning 120Hz Fluid Display perfect for previewing night photos

The OnePlus 11 intake copious amounts of light thanks to cutting-edge optics and intelligent software. From neon-bathed city alleyways to candlelit portraits, it achieves brilliant, bright, vivid night photos with just a tap while eliminating ugly artifacts.

And a Deep Fusion-like composite night mode automatically blends multiple exposures for extraordinary dynamic range and clarity in the darkest environments. Ensure perfect exposures with handy built-in shot previews.

For times when you desire total control, the OnePlus 11 grants it via Pro mode – with extreme ISOs usually only found in mirrorless cameras alongside creative time saving options like BULB capture, HD long exposure mode, and RAW+ format shooting.

OnePlus 11

The OnePlus 11 offers unmatched low-light photography versatility – whether you desire automatic excellence or total creative freedom and control.

Transform Your Low Light Photography in 2024

We now live in a photography golden age with smartphone cameras that capture low-light scenes that were once impossible without expensive specialized gear. As computational photography and hardware advancements accelerate, even more incredibly dimly lit photos are within reach.

For creative shutterbugs seeking to push creative boundaries, the top 5 phones showcased here represent the pinnacle. Each delivering jaw-dropping low light shots automatically while offering tried-and-true manual shooting modes to satisfy experts.

No matter your skill level, embrace low light photography’s limitless potential in 2024 by equipping yourself with a cutting-edge smartphone loaded with illuminating capabilities. The world comes alive after dark when seen through modern photographic magic glass – go forth and chase the artistic inspiration that only emerges once the sun goes down!

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